AJ Doherty

Global VP of Sales
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AJ Doherty cut his teeth in sales and marketing working for Gatehouse Media where he traveled across the US increasing sales efforts and training in over 40 markets. After this he was recruited by Hearst Communications to oversee the transition of a 150 year old newspaper into the first ever major market online only publication. Through this endeavor AJ built and implemented a go to market strategy including hiring, training and managing a sales team of over 30 reps that resulted in a net profitability in a short 3 years after a previous YOY loss of over 7 figures per year. AJ moved on to an international startup that was based in Treviso Italy securing their first round of VC financing and created a continued sales growth of 30% (7-figure sales) YOY for over 3 years. Prior to Jedburgh AJ started a new department arm of revenue for the largest private market data company (SaaS) in the world. There his efforts resulted in a full strategy that increased 7-figure sales by over 60% in 2017 and led the new team through a successful 9-figure acquisition.

AJ has a proven track record of high level insights and methods that give Jedburgh an incredible edge in the market and a fast track to growth in multiple verticals. In addition to sales AJ enjoys traveling and camping across the world and also has actually been best friends with his business partner Rob Parish since they were 5 years old.